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Tips to Stop Cyber Bullying

Tip 1: Don’t respond to the message!

Although it is very tempting to tell a bully off, it is not a good idea. This may only get the bully angry and cause more problems for you. The bully can also print out your message and use it against you by showing it to teachers or to the principal to say you were the one who started the problem and not the other way around.

Tip 2: Get out of the chat room!

If someone is making fun of you or is threatening you in a chat room, leave that room so the person doesn’t have the opportunity to continue. Take down the screen name and report the situation to your online provider.

Tip 3: Print out any threatening or harassing messages!

You can’t prove it is happening if you do not print out the evidence. Show the printed message to your parents. It is against the law to threaten or harass someone online.

Tip 4: Report inappropriate messages to your parents and your online provider!

Most online services will suspend individuals who violate online rules. Let the offender get what is coming and report the violation to get him or her off the net.

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