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New Premier & BBT Schedule

Reminder: All gear (Sparring gear/weapons/uniforms) used in class must be purchased through Premier Martial Arts RI, any gear purchased elsewhere is not permitted for use due to insurance regulations.

              Premier Training              

(Advanced Class Only)
Week A - Double Stick Kali
Week B - Sai
Week C - Nunchaku
Week D - Kama
Week E - Bo
Week F - Sword

Black Belt Training
(Little Dragon - Basic & Intermediate Classes Only)
Week A - Sparring
Week B - Nunchaku
Week C - Bo
Week D - Kali
Week E - Sparring
Week F - Nunchaku

Adult Black Belt Training
(Adult & Teen Class Only)
Week A - Karambit/Knife
Week B - Gun
Week C - Kali
Week D - Karambit/Knife
Week E - Bo Staff
Week F - Sparring

KIDS Week D - Kali


APRIL 4TH (Wednesday)

Little Champions Stripe Testing: 4:00 PM

Basic Training Stripe Testing: 4:45 PM

Intermediate Stripe Testing: 5:45 PM

Adult Testing: 8:00 PM

APRIL 5th (Thursday)

Little Champions Stripe Testing: 6:00 PM

Basic Training Stripe Testing: 6:45 PM

Intermediate Stripe Testing: 4:00 PM

Advanced Stripe Testing 5:00 PM

April 6th Cranston Belt Testing/Graduation

Tiny Champs Stripe/Belt Testing: 5:45 PM

Little Champions Belt Testing 5:00 PM

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Training
Belt Testing at 6:15 PM



April 6th

Little Champions Stripe/Belt Test: 5:45 PM

Kids Class Stripe/Belt Test: 6:30 PM

Adult Class Stripe/Belt Test 7:30 PM

Please read the testing schedule carefully. If your child is belt testing they are to skip the stripe testing day and should not come to that test. Do not come to more than one test. Certain classes are testing on certain days, please make sure you show up for the correct test. Thank you.
Testing Begins Next Week. 
  • Stripe testing is $20 and Belt Testing is $50. ALL TESTING FEES MUST BE PAID BY CASH. (There will be no payments added to billing).
  • Do not have your child attend both days of stripe testing, choose one only.
  • Students who are belt testing can not test with students who are stripe testing. (Cranston Students Only)
  • Testing is held during the normal class time on these days. There is no regular class and there is no Black Belt Training or Premier Training after the test on test days.
  • Please stay during your child's testing, no drop offs. Once your child's test is complete you will be free to leave. Thank you!


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